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4a engineering

We are your experts for plastics and composites, especially for dynamic material characterization including material cards, as well as for product, method and software development.

4a engineering GmbH is a technically oriented Research and Development company with a focus on plastics engineering and materials science.

The core competence of 4a engineering GmbH resides in concept finding and optimization of product ideas based on the profound understanding and interpreting of physical and mechanical processes. 4a engineering GmbH works with a wide range of partially specially developed simulation software and analyzing methods. The ongoing success of our business operations is based on continuous delivery of creative, high quality solutions and efficient project management as well as our joint economic- technical approach.

Our team consists of highly qualified employees most of them having academic degrees and excellent knowledge in physics, mechanics, polymer engineering and materials science. Implementing our customers projects we focus on team spirit and creative idea finding. With our special knowledge in mechanics and physics, combined with the creative approach and the many years of practical project experience we are able to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage for our customers.

About 50 % of our turnover results from projects assigned to automotive industries. The remainder of the turnover contribute projects from the aerospace industry, electronics industry, consumer products industry, medical technology industry, sports industry and mechanical engineering industry.