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MICROMEC® is a program to calculate 3D thermo-elastic properties of composite materials. Inputs are the characteristic values of the components as well as parameter for the amount, shape and distribution of the reinforcement.


By default composite materials are anisotropic. Therefore a lot of parameters are necessary to describe the properties of the composites.

MICROMEC® enables a fast and easy determination of the material parameters for such composites. Also, a virtual material design is possible.

By default, base of the calculation of the 3D thermo-elastic properties is the Mean-Field-Theory of Mori-Tanaka. In addition, the calculation can be done by 3D- laminate theory.

Micromec 1

Characteristics of MICROMEC®

  • Usage for SFRT, LFRT, CFRP, GFRP, ….
  • Calculation of the 3D elastic tensor as well as the thermal expansion tensor
  • Data bases for matrix materials, reinforcement orientation and shape (endless, long or short fibers, plate, sphere, …)
  • Consideration of fiber length distributions
  • Fibers can be isotropic or transversal-isotropic
  • Arbitrary combination of components and distributions
  • 3D and 2D graphical display of the Young’s Modulus and thermal expansion
  • 2D graphical comparison of materials
  • Export of material cards for LS-Dyna®, Simulia Abaqus® or Nastran
Micromec 2