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Material characterization

The novel 4a- inhouse- developed testing system IMPETUS® enables the mechanical characterization of dynamically loaded test specimens or components. One essential benefit is the much better time and cost efficiency in determining material data compared to the state of art. The IMPETUS® software VALIMAT® is a software solution from the test to the validated material card.

The essential characteristics are:


  • applicable for plastics, composites, foams, aluminum, wood, …
  • fast and flexible access to reliable material data
  • velocities up to 4.4 mps (single pendulum) and 8 mps (double pendulum)
  • different test setups available: bending test, dynamic tensile test, puncture test, compression test (foams), component test


  • test and model database system (efficient organization of your tests)
  • import of external measurement results
  • integrated interfaces to FE-solvers (Abaqus®, LS-DYNA®, Pam-Crash®)
  • integrated optimization process (LS-Opt®)

Documents and links

  • Information on our service and available matpackages
  • Further details on testpackages for thermoplatstic materials
  • Some references for material characterization can be found in the "References" – section.

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