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The novel 4a- inhouse- developed testing system IMPETUS® enables the mechanical characterization of dynamically loaded test specimens or components. One essential benefit is the much better time and cost efficiency in determining material data compared to the state of art.

Main characteristics

  • applicable for plastics, composites, foams, aluminum, wood, …
  • fast and flexible access to reliable material data
  • velocities up to 4.4 mps (single pendulum) and 8 mps (double pendulum)
  • different test setups available: bending test, dynamic tensile test, puncture test, compression test (foams)
  • support distance/clamping conditions customizable without effort
  • test specimens loaded under realistic conditions (bending load case is most common in reality)
  • specimens are cut out from real parts (easy availability of bending test specimens)
  • loading and unloading of test specimens
  • automatic evaluation of the tests using software VALIMAT®
  • working without additional actuation power
  • operating on a common office desk
  • including a smart security concept
4a impetus

Single pendulum

The testing procedure can be seen in our YouTube video.

  • used for the dynamic bending of plastics and component testing of plastics components or textiles.
  • velocities in the range of 0.5 up to 4.4 mps
  • energies up to 50 J
  • strain rate variation by variation of velocities and/or support distance
  • investigation of loading and also unloading case
  • test procedure is meanwhile a well-established standard in industry.

Single pendulum
Single pendulum
Double pendulum

The following results can be determined directly:

  • Force: using the pendulum mass and the measured deceleration
  • Displacement: by measured acceleration or rotary angle
  • Velocity: by measured rotary angle
  • Energy: based on the evaluated velocity