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To ensure safety, reliability and performance in any situation, we offer battery testing and simulation services as well as the according equipment based on automotive industry standards. Furthermore, we can provide calibrated and validated structural, thermal and electromagnetic FE-models to advance your battery specific developments!

battery testing

  • testing with respect to e.g. SAE J2464, SAND 2017-6925, FreedomCar, IEC 62660, UL 2580...
  • from cell to module level
  • cylindric, prismatic and pouch cells
  • electrical testing:
    • external short circuit test
    • overcharge test
    • overdischarge test
  • mechanical testing:
    • nail penetration test
    • shock test
    • drop test
    • crush test
  • thermal testing:
    • thermal propagation
    • overheat test
    • thermal shock test
    • fire test
example thermal runaway testing

battery simulation

multiphysics simulation using LS-DYNA®
  • identification of mechanical, thermal and electrical properties
  • generation of multiphysical battery model:
    • mechanical and thermal properties
    • Randle's circuit
    • simulation of internal short circuit and exothermic reaction (thermal runaway)

safety, performance and pack optimization

  • interaction with component groups
  • characterization of battery pack materials
  • testing of interaction with battery pack components
  • simulation of thermal propagation
  • optimization of safety and performance

thermal runaway compatibility test of an SMC sheet