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Are you looking for an all-in-one comprehensive electro-dynamic testing machine? Look no further than our brand-new testing system LINOVIS®! Our machine is the most versatile up-to-date testing system, offering 3 modes of use (static, dynamic, cyclic) and various test setups that can be switched within minutes. With a maximum force of 25kN, even in static mode, and the option of 2 integrated DIC cameras, we can assure you that no wishes remain unfulfilled. Our oil-free precision linear drive and extra stiff frame design ensure similar testing conditions for every test, from ductile plastics to high-strength steel alloys. The applications of our testing system seem endless, including high-fidelity material characterization, mechanical characterization of battery cells and cell stacks, impact testing on component level, and combined complex loading scenarios for all driving modes. Discover the power of our comprehensive electro-dynamic testing system today and take your testing capabilities to the next level.

main features

  • max force25kN
  • max speed3.2m/s
  • max stroke200mm
  • energy600J
  • frequency~30Hz
  • power400V, 3 phases

modes of operation

static modi


dynamic modi


cyclic modi


modi-indicator modi-btn
4a linovis

testing range


  • exchangeable test chambers
  • fast exchange of test setups
  • integration of additional modules
  • thermal chamber
  • battery test chamber
  • key for extensive automation

test chamber

  • closed during operations
  • 2 stop opening for fast operation
  • change of specimen
  • change of test setup
  • observation window with dimming possibility

seamless DIC integration

  • integrated mounts for full 3D DIC capability
  • fully time synchronized with DAQ system
  • closed enivornment to minimize external factors (e.g. reflections)
  • glare free vision
  • automated processing of DIC


  • moveable and detachable control unit
  • all controls within short distance
  • direct and fast access to specimen
  • additional workspace for post processing or preparation
  • ports for connecting 3rd party devices
  • ergonomic operation at stool height
  • 4a linovis moveable gui

DAQ system

  • resolution of 2µs/500kHz for capturing high speed events
  • force, displacement, temperature, voltage channels
  • time synchronized high speed cameras


test chamber

DIC integration


DAQ system

test setups

bending tests

ISO 178
ISO 7438

Card image cap
bending tests
tensile tests

ISO 6892-1
ISO 527
ISO 26203-2
ISO 18872

Card image cap
tensile tests
compression tests

ISO 844

Card image cap
compression tests
puncture / impact tests

ISO 6603

Card image cap
impact tests
component tests

crash box

component tests
special setups

Klc based an ASTM E399

user interface & software

smart and extensive user interface

Our detachable touch screen interface makes it easier than ever to operate and manage your testing process and controlling the testing procedure. Our smart interface is designed with the user in mind, offering a streamlined experience that's intuitive and easy to navigate. With just a few taps on the screen, you can quickly and easily configure your testing parameters, set up tests and view real-time results. This touch interface is also customizable, allowing you to create a testing process that is optimized for your particular application, making it faster and more efficient than ever before.


full integration into VALIMAT enviroment

Our stand-alone software VALIMAT® combines test- and model data into an efficient database format and allows for methodical material characterization. The seamless and automated communication between LINOVIS® and VALIMAT® is the perfect basis for an efficient workflow in creating and optimizing a huge variety of complex material models with our fully automated AutoFit process in LS-Dyna, Pam-Crash, Abaqus(i.e.: *MAT_024, *MAT_187, MMATER, *PLASTIC... etc.). In a final step the material model can be validated on simple FEM coupon level tests or even custom built-up geometries and load-cases.

Advantages of LINOVIS®

  • up to 4 industry-standard machines in one
    • quasi-static universal testing machines
    • fatigue testing machines
    • drop tower machines
    • high-speed servo-hydraulic machines
    • meeting international standard requirements such as: ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, EN
  • modular test chamber design for maximum flexibility and safety
    • test space: 450 x 600 x 450 mm (w/l/h)
    • fast exchange of test setups
    • thermal chamber
    • battery test chamber
    • custom built setups
  • highest force and speed range of all available electro-dynamic machines
    • applicable for widest range of materials and test geometries (individual geometries possible)
    • thermoplasts, elastomers, carbon-fibers, composites, light metal alloys, steel alloys, ...
    • exceptional speed range and deformation range
  • remote control and automated test data upload
  • prepared for automated test execution and change of test setups
  • seamless 3D DIC integration
  • precision control with 16kHz frequency
  • low operation and maintenance costs due to linear drive technology
  • high precision extra stiff frame design
  • high performance DAQ system with 500kHz sampling rate

  • fully detachable and movable user interface