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Method development

Method development generates new engineering methods for improvement of development time, efficiency and effectivity or for enabling a method at all. The aim is often to create analyzing and simulation tools to improve the prediction of product properties and behavior in future. Thus, time and cost intensive trial 6 error tests are avoided.

Software development

Software development is one focus of 4a engineering GmbH. Many problems can’t be solved using a standard-program or only in an inefficient way. So, 4a engineering GmbH offers its customers on the one hand specific self-developed software solutions (VALIMAT™, FIBERMAP™, MICROMEC™, 4a graph), on the other hand individual tailor-made software.

For the area of material characterization 4a engineering GmbH also develops new material models as well as the simulation of non-standard manufacturing processes.

Some examples are:

  • Usage of macros for pre- and postprocessing
  • Automatic generation of meshes with specific element sizes
  • Automatic evaluation of simulation results
  • Scripting: for automation of the complete simulation chain
  • Development of graphical interfaces
  • Development of the material model *MAT_4A_MICROMEC for LS-Dyna®

Some references for product development can be found in the "References" – section.

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