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The latest test setup for IMPETUS - a dynamic tensile test - was presented at the Dynaforum in Bamberg. Using a high-speed camera on the speckle pattern of the test specimen (DIC) similar test results compared to those from a servo hydraulic machine can be achieved.

Dynamic Tensile Test
Impetus 2018


VALIMAT 3.5 is now released.
There are many new features like

  • some redesign of the GUI
  • automatic import of DIC data
  • new FE-models: 4-point-bending, puncture test
  • many further material cards and enhancements/new features of material cards (e.g. for LS-Dyna: MAT_081, MAT_089, MAT_215, MAT_ADD_EROSION, ...) included
  • python scripts for additional evaluation possibilities of test data and model results

Download a more detailed presentation here.


We now have an official Youtube-Channel, where you can find interesting highspeed-videos of tests done by IMPETUS.


The official Impetus software VALIMAT 3.4 is now released.